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Swanland Neighbourhood Watch

Swanland Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was set up in 1988 and is registered with the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network

It works in partnership with the Swanland Village Association. The aims of Neighbourhood Watch are:

...to reduce local opportunities for crime thereby deterring would be thieves and vandals.

...to enhance community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their property.

...to inform the police of any suspicious activity.

To view information about South Hunsley Area Police, meetings, events and news go to www.humberside.police.uk/teams/south-hunsley
Register your property on www.immobilise.com
See Crime Resilience Advice (pdf)

Swanland is a low crime area but this can lead to easy pickings for an opportunist - keep doors, windows, cars & sheds LOCKED

Swanland Village is covered by about 35 volunteer street co-ordinators who meet together every four months to review any incidents of crime. A Police Officer usually attends co-ordinator meetings to answer questions about security and to review the latest crime reports for Swanland and the South Hunsley Area.

Street Co-ordinators can act as a focal point for any crime based problem. They can inform their neighbours of any security warnings from the police, and keep an eye on empty houses while the owners are away. Fortunately we have relatively few problems in Swanland.

Over the past year some new co-ordinators have joined the Swanland group but more are needed. In particular we need more help in the following areas: Greenstiles Lane, Styles Croft, Woodside, Easonby Close, Waudby View, The Green, Crowther Way/Close, Queensbury Way, Dale Close, West Leys Road, Kemp Road (Bottom end ), Chantry Way East, Beech Hill Road and Westerdale.

We shall be pleased to hear from you - contact
Deborah Parry - Swanland Area Co-ordinator Tel: 632 576
List of Co-ordinators for website publication (pdf)

All residents are encouraged to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or actual crime in progress to the police by calling 999. The Non Emergency Contact Number is: 101. All calls cost 15p, regardless of duration.

Report on NHW Meeting 12 Nov 2022

The next meeting of Swanland NHW iwill be in Feb/March 2023

Dont get caught out fraud and scams booklet (pdf)

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