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Norma Taylor - 2015
Who does What
Pond Partnership Group
Maintain the pond and its water plants
Swanland in Bloom Group
Maintain the vegetation surrounding the pond
Janice Baldwin
Contact Martin May
Plant Waterers
A rota of volunteers that water the flowers around the pond
See 2020 LIST
Contact - Brendan Riley
Tel 632 652

Litter Pickers
A rota of volunteers that remove litter around the pond
Contact - Christine Walker
Tel 637 085 cw@swanland.info
See Rota - July-Sept

Swanland Pond
Swanland’s village pond greatly enhances the centre of the village and is much admired by residents and visitors alike. A lot of effort is put in to improve and maintain it's picturesque setting. This is an ongoing task and more volunteers are always very welcome.

Our volunteer gardeners are not getting any younger and we need some more volunteers if you could help please contact Janice Baldwin

Pond Pollution

Please do not throw ANYTHING into the pond - as well as litter, traffic cones and the usual debris this includes unwanted water plants and fish.

Please do not off-load your unwanted creatures such as Terrapins, gold fish or any other creature. They could simply die because it's the wrong situation for them or they may carry a disease that could cause illness and distress to the existing pond creatures.

The pond group should be consulted about any form of wild life or plants being introduced.

If you want to feed the ducks please use grain NOT bread. Proper duck food is available from the Peppertree florist. The fish feed themselves.

There were originally two ponds in Swanland, one near the junction of Main Street and Greenstyles lane and the present remaining one in the centre of the village.

The pond is a shallow man-made puddled clay pond sometimes known as a dew pond. see
Dew Ponds

Ecology & Wildlife
The pond teems with wild life and plants.
SEE Pond Ecology

Water Quality
After the borehole in the old pump house was capped off (cutting off the pond’s only supply of clean make up water) the water quality has often been very poor in hot weather. The only replenishment water the pond gets is -
1 Rainfall into the pond.
2 Water from the roof of the Village Hall.
3 Run off from the road drains to the west of the pond and this is polluted from traffic oil and grease and also from nutrients running off adjacent agricultural land. This is filtered by the Gabion basket at the west bank, occasionally this has to be pumped out to remove the build up of waste.

Water Leakage
It has been apparent for some time that there is significant leakage from the pond. Water levels are being monitored to try to determine the location (s) of any leaks.

Why no Swans?
There used to be a pair of resident Swans on the pond, however after one was killed crossing the road and the other
to a swan sanctuary. it was decided that the pond not big enough to safely have swans. Some local wags have suggested the village should now be called "Duckland" as there is never any shortage of these creatures!
Read more details Swans on Swanland Pond (pdf)

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